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FACTizenship Newsletter | Volume #14

Achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 is key in order to limit the spread of the disease and end the pandemic. How is herd immunity attained? A few researchers have suggested that natural herd immunity could be achieved by purposefully infecting children. But is this practice effective and ethical? In this week's FACTizenship Newsletter, we share key concepts related to immunity against COVID-19 and discuss the possible consequences of a natural herd immunity approach.

New fact-checks

Achieving natural herd immunity against COVID-19 cannot be safely or easily done
A Daily Mail article from 23 October 2020 reported that Cambridge University Professor Paul Lehner claimed that deliberately infecting children [...]

In case you missed it

A vaccine won’t immediately return life to normal
In October 2020, BBC News released a story on a report written by the Royal Society, which described a need to be “realistic” about what a vaccine’s role [...]

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