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FACTizenship Newsletter | Volume #21

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of vaccines has been a priority for health authorities, in parallel to other essential public health and protection measures. Now that vaccines have begun to be available, a question emerges: who will get them first? In this week's FACTizenship Newsletter, we discuss who gets the COVID-19 vaccines first and why?

Happy Holidays !

New fact-checks

Fact-checking whether professional athletes will receive the COVID-19 before others
According to a sports media Danslescoulisses.com article from 6 December, "professional athletes will receive the COVID-19 vaccine before the [...]

In case you missed it

Will the biggest challenge of vaccinating against COVID-19 really be logistical in nature?
A December 3, 2020 NBC News article states that the biggest challenge the authorities will face, after vaccine production, will be the logistics of [...]

A vaccine won’t immediately return life to normal
In October 2020, BBC News released a story on a report written by the Royal Society, which described a need to be “realistic” about what a vaccine’s role [...]

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