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FACTizenship Newsletter | Volume #3

​In last week's newsletter, we ​sent you information and facts about the ​current state of ​knowledge ​on COVID-19. ​This week,​ we expand on that: ​ we ​fact-checked the emergence of an inflammatory disease ​in children, ​potentially related to COVID-19, and a theory suggesting that patients who have recently contracted COVID-19 are more likely to survive because of ​a ​new scientific discovery ​and new treatments. ​

We want to thank the user who ​asked us to fact-check this theory via the Contact Form of COVID19facts.ca portal​. ​ ​You too can send us claims you would like to see fact-checked. 

New fact-checks

Has the likelihood of surviving COVID-19 increased over time?
Claims suggesting that, as healthcare professionals learn more about COVID-19, people’s chances of survival increase. 

Emergence of an inflammatory disease potentially related to COVID-19
An article on Yahoo News reports a potential link between a childhood inflammatory disease and COVID-19.

In case you missed it

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease with complications that can affect the whole body
Canada’s CTV News reported in May 2020 that COVID-19 is not just a respiratory disease because it can affect the entire body.

Tools and resources

Test your knowledge of COVID-19!
Misinformation spreads even faster than COVID-19 and can cause significant damage. Knowing the facts is therefore essential to prepare ourselves and protect ourselves and others against this new disease. We invite you to test your knowledge and help us fight misinformation by sharing this quiz with your family, friends and colleagues.  

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