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FACTizenship Newsletter | Volume #6

In this week’s FACTizenship newsletter, we focus on an issue that has been creating a lot of reaction: face masks. According to studies, wearing a mask is effective in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, health authorities advise wearing masks whenever physical distancing is not possible, and in public spaces. However, many people are against these recommendations, with arguments that are not always accurate.

Why do people question face masks? Why do they question the obligation to wear them in public spaces? Our latest fact-check examines whether the obligation to wear a mask goes against the Canadian Constitution and what concerns are raised around this issue.

New fact-checks

Face mask mandates most likely constitutional
An article on the group ACT! for Canada’s website claims that mandating face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic is unconstitutional.

In case you missed it

It’s inaccurate to say that wearing a face mask poses serious health risks
Russell Blaylock, a retired doctor claims that wearing face masks creates serious health risks for healthy people. This claim has no factual basis.

The World Health Organization changed its stance on masks
WebMD reported on June 6th 2020 that the World Health Organization (WHO) changed its stance on wearing face masks.

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