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After several months of research and testing, scientists were finally able to develop vaccines that are considered effective and safe. However, the arrival of these vaccines is not without its challenges. In this week's FACTizenship Newsletter, we share with you how misinformation and disinformation are the real challenges that authorities will face during the COVID-19 vaccine roll out.

New fact-checks

Will the biggest challenge of vaccinating against COVID-19 really be logistical in nature?
A December 3, 2020 NBC News article states that the biggest challenge the authorities will face, after vaccine production, will be the logistics of [...]

In case you missed it

A vaccine won’t immediately return life to normal
In October 2020, BBC News released a story on a report written by the Royal Society, which described a need to be “realistic” about what a vaccine’s role [...]

Canada vaccine research on COVID-19 targeted by a cyber-attack from Russia
On July 16, 2020, the CBC news service announced that scientific research on COVID-19 in Canada had been targeted by a cyber-attack.

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